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Know about usWelcome to Zivanta Analytics

We help businesses unleash the power of data, harness resources to drive thought leadership and apply engineering to decisions that result in customer delight.

At Zivanta Analytics we allow the data to speak and we listen. This may be data collected for measuring learning outcomes of students in a remote village school in Purulia , or the title insurance analysts benchmarking performance using our metrices in New York or the alerts streaming in from a women safety mobile app developed by us.

You trust ourTechnology

Technology at Zivanta Analytics forms the backbone of any project we deliver, any product we roll out. Our tech stack is spread across 4 major domains:

Database & Server Technologies

Database & Server Technologies: Zivanta takes pride in using cutting-edge da

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Web Services Solution Stack (LAMP)

Web Services Solution Stack (LAMP): All our websites, web interfaces, web servic

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Mobility Solutions

Mobility Solutions: With the advent of mobile devices and data penetration acros

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Analytics & BI

Analytics & BI: Business Analytics forms the cornerstone of Zivanta operations.

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Let's look atOur Work


Title Insurance Market Analysis

Rocktop Partners

Mortgage Digital Transformation

Deposit Rate Analytics

Bank Products

D2E Consulting

Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing


Startup Funding Marketplace


GPS Enabled Mobile App

Our Team

Rajat Khater

Executive Vice President, Head of Strategy & Business Development
Rajat Khater Executive Vice President, Head of Strategy & Business Development

Raj is a visionary & accomplished banking executive with 20 years of progressive leadership experience in large financial institutions (Chase, Citi, Wells Fargo) in business strategy, quantitative analytics, KPI development and analysis, operations management, audit & controls.

Raj’s personal brand is defined by Entrepreneurial spirit, exceptional analytical & KPI driven decision-making, innovation, strong execution, implementing best practices, high emotional intelligence and community service.

Sudipto Sengupta

Country Head
Sudipto Sengupta Country Head

Sudipto has 20+ years of experience in working with global consulting firms, government and multilateral institutions. He completed Masters in Urban Design & Planning from Virginia Tech, USA. As the country head, Sudipto provides leadership to the India operations and is responsible for project delivery, client interface and design of analytics solutions. He also provides lead to the social sector analytics team at Zivanta, and is responsible for delivery of projects to majors like Save the Children, Holcim and Dr Reddy’s. Sudipto is an avid researcher of Kolkata heritage buildings and also manages a digital cultural magazine.

Dipankar Banerjee

General Manager-Technology Consulting
Dipankar Banerjee General Manager-Technology Consulting

Dipankar is the team’s creative lead, and brings extensive industry experience in Commercial art & Multimedia, Advertising, Marketing and Communication Management. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Management. A usual face in the digital art competition circuit, Dipankar has won many distinctions including the prestigious digital art prize form the Times Group. At Zivanta, Dipankar focuses on aesthetics of deliverables, technology consulting and project delivery. He is an avid traveler, a gifted painter and connoisseur of good music.

Nirmalya Lahiri

Manager (IT Infrastructure)
Nirmalya Lahiri Manager (IT Infrastructure)

Nirmalya has more than 15 years of experience in IT industry. He holds the Bachelor of Science degree from a Calcutta University and PG Diploma from Department of Electronics (Govt. of India). At Zivanta, Nirmalya focuses on IT Infrastructure, LINUX environment, cloud based software management including AWS, network management, security protocols and encryption Big-data using MongoDB , and cross platform mobile application development (PhoneGap). He is experienced in Python programming language. Nirmalya is a big votary for open source technology and is the member of the Linux club in Kolkata. He is also passionate about renewables and has designed and installed a solar power inverter.

Debarati Mukherjee

Manager - Business Analysis
Debarati Mukherjee Manager - Business Analysis

Debarati holds a PhD in Business Management and has over 15 years of experience in academics and consulting. She has a natural affinity with numbers and is the last word in statistical design and analytics algorithms at Zivanta Analytics. A much published researcher, Debarati has presented her research at the prestigious Indian Science Congress. Debarati provides lead to the business analytics and development sector projects at Zivanta Analytics. She is a keen reader and is often found quoting her favorite author Paulo Coelho in office.

Shruti Shukla

Shruti Shukla Analyst

Shruti holds a Ph.D in Biotechnology from Sam Higginbottom Institute of Agriculture Technology and Sciences. Shruti is part of the analytics team and brings in the academic rigueur in our analytics deliverables to clients. She is a hands-on with R and SAS and add the extra punch to our data mining and data analysis work. She will also lead Zivanta Analytics foray into analytics for Health and Life Sciences. In her spare time, Shruti can be found busy on the Google Genomics Public Data site downloading data for sharpening her analytics skills. Currently, Shruti is busy polishing her Bangla speaking skills.

Snehasis Chakraborty

Executive - Data Management
Snehasis Chakraborty Executive - Data Management

Snehasis has an undergraduate degree in commerce from Calcutta University. As a data management consultant, he manages all the data crunching tasks and gets the data sets ready for the analyst to take over. Snehasis is crucial to the data flow process, and helps the technical team in archiving the data. Snehasis is a serious mountaineer and is preparing for a trek to the Mt Everest base camp.

Shrabani Das

Lead Programmer
Shrabani Das Lead Programmer

Shrabani is an IT professional and has extensive expertise across varied technology domains. Shrabani has done her B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering from West Bengal University of Technology. At Zivanta, Shrabani has helped develop a number of proprietary technologies specifically on data crawling and harvesting technologies, which power a number of client projects. When tired with coding, Shrabani unwinds with music and her favorite being old film melodies. She is yet to make her peace with Rap and Hip Hop.

Anurag Bose

UI Designer
Anurag Bose UI Designer

Anurag is the artist in the team and manages the user Interfaces and report designs. He helps through his design inputs to make numbers tell the story visually and websites developed by us to be aesthetically appealing and functional. He is a diploma holder in multimedia and animation and brings in strong knowledge of Adobe technologies. His free hand animation characters have been a hit with our clients. Anurag has an ambition of one day working on an animation movie.

Raju Mondal

Front End Developer
Raju Mondal Front End Developer

Raju brings in the expertise of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. He makes the websites developed by us do cool things, extensively using Java Script technology. A avid reader follower of web design trends, Raju aspires to be featured in the list of the Webby Awardees. Given the zeal and professional acumen he brings in, this appears to be a plausible ambition. He also devours travelogues and loves to travel to quaint places.

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