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We help businesses unleash the power of data, harness resources to drive thought leadership and apply engineering to decisions that result in customer delight.

At Zivanta Analytics we allow the data to speak and we listen. This may be data collected for measuring learning outcomes of students in a remote village school in Purulia , or the title insurance analysts benchmarking performance using our metrices in New York or the alerts streaming in from a women safety mobile app developed by us.

Each data point has information which we at Zivanta Analytics help glean and suggest appropriate action. For us data is not numbers alone, it includes qualitative indices and verifiable anecdotal evidence.

We apply data science across a number of domains including mortgages, insurance, digital marketing, public health, education, social security, disasters and much more. We not only bring the data to the table, we also help in interpretation, reporting and dissemination.  Our analytics help power multi-million dollar programs and businesses, impacting millions of lives both proactively and positively.

Our work requires multiple skills including prowess in statistics, dexterity with Information Technology, felicity with info graphics and design and extremely strong written and oral skills.  Zivanta Analytics team has highly qualified and experienced professionals with degrees from some of the finest universities in the world. We have in our ranks Phds in data science, IT professionals, SEO experts, web/graphics designers and domain experts in the financial and the development sectors. The team loves what it does and constantly benchmarks itself with the best of the international trends in their area of expertise.

So if you are looking for development of a website for information dissemination, analysis of complex and large data sets, design of a MIS system , doing a field work based monitoring or evaluation study, documentation of a process, evidence based digital marketing and much more, give us a shout. We assure you we will not disappoint you.


Data Analytics Solutions

Data Analytics Solutions

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Economic & Financial Consulting

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Technology Solutions

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Social & Public Sector Consulting

How Big Data Is Helping The Banking Industry

The 80s and the 90s made a revolution in the banking industry when IT systems virtually revamped the whole banking process. The use of the internet¬† made it a lot easier to assess and evaluate the progress of a bank beforehand. It even had enhanced […]





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