Dashboard Solutions

Dashboard Solutions

Today’s world of analytics, quite often than not, is a mesh of tools than insights. For us at Zivanta, analytics is valuable only when it adds value or creates value for our esteemed partners and customers. Our dashboard solutions, thus, is a reflection of our in-depth research and analysis. Our dashboards, unlike many around today, aren’t a package of metrics and data, but insights that firms can use in their routine or strategic movements forward.

Our dashboards give our customers a crisp 360-degree cross-functional view of where they stand as on date thus helping them connect multiple departments, enforce stringent performance management measures, and also increase market share using our competitive analysis and indices.

Zivanta dashboard solutions employ a large variety of technologies, depending on the usage and the relevance of the application. We mainly use R+Shiny and Google Viz for our dashboards, with other enablers like Flash for animation. We also have the capability to build custom dashboard interfaces using robust open-source security enabled programming which also, if need be, can flexibly integrate APIs and boundary systems from 3rd party vendor applications.

Zivanta dashboard solutions are being used by our prestige clients in the social sector space like ACC Ltd., Voltas and the Ministry of Small & Medium Enterprises (in association with E&Y and World Bank). We are privileged to listen to their happiness stories as we challenge our limits to make our solutions even more flexible, even more robust while adding more business value, by the day.

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