Zivanta’s flagship financial product to help customers make smart choices by customizing rewards analytics

Case Synopsis

Zivanta.com is a financial information portal under the umbrella of personal finance catering to consumer needs of best and value-for-usage credit cards across all major banks and consumer categories. It is a single platform for all the customers to check the key features, transaction fees and rates for every credit card the banks in the US are offering.

About the Product

Zivanta.com is a one-stop-guide to all the resources a customer needs to get their first credit card, manage balances, payout-and-spend best practices, know about the credit scores and their worthiness, and everything they need to manage their credit world, because we at Zivanta.com understands that not everything in life can be paid by cash, all the time. That’s why this platform is built to help the customer keep their cards in their pocket without feeling hurt, by making aware of all the fees and charges invariably incurred, and also the ones which are neglected.

The Challenge

The main target of this project was to equip the end users with necessary guidance and tools to search, compare and apply for the best credit cards by the issuer as well as by category. Also, the challenge was to track everyday changes in rates and benefits of 150+ credit cards because any wrong information can completely mislead a customer.

The Approach

The credit card has become an indispensable part of an average American’s life because of its wide acceptance for payment of goods and services at the most point of sales. Most credit cards offer a variety of benefits like grace period, introductory purchase APR, balance transfer etc. To track these changing variables, a structured framework has been developed where the team can check, analyze and further update the database very easily.  Zivanta.com uses proprietary technologies and algorithms to arrive at institutional and product profiles, reviews & analysis.

In addition, Zivanta.com has provided a solution to the customer where they can talk to our credit card advisers round the clock who can help them resolve all queries that they might have, with regard to a credit card or even fundamental credit management questions, also why should a customer choose one over the other and the underlying qualitative and quantitative usage benefits.

The Outcome

The project helped customers to gather information about various credit cards at a single platform rather than visiting numerous websites. Regular publication of newsletters, personal finance & credit blogs, case studies & white papers also helps a customer to stay updated on the credit card industry.

About The Author

Zivanta Analytics Zivanta Analytics over the past 7 years have executed successfully multiple projects in the field of Data Analytics Solutions, Economic & Financial Consulting, Technology Solutions and Social & Public Sector Consulting. Published On: May 7, 2016

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Economic & Financial Consulting

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Social & Public Sector Consulting

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