Data Visualizations

Data Visualizations

No analytics is complete without the client being able to see in the foreground what happens in the background. Data visualization is an emerging platform in the area of business intelligence and analytics. While analytics is based on drivers that are developed statistically by a data or mathematical model, visualization empowers the user see the implications and power of a particular statistical model based business recommendation.

Thus data visualization, at large and in general, fetches information from the backend and lays them on a graphical representation. With more tools coming of age, the power and effectiveness of a tool is also judged by its ability to generate meaningful visualizations.

At Zivanta, we use a number of licensed as well as open-source visualizations. Some noteworthy are: Shiny for web using R, Tableau, Google Charts and Viz, quantum GIS for heatmap generation, Fusion charts, Excel and VBA, etc.

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Is Technology Going to Replace Hedge Fund Managers?

clicking and analysis business financial report. This is a ERP system which can display company's financial status in graph and report the daily or monthly sale information simultaneously.

According to David Siegel, co-founder of Two Sigma Investments, a data-driven hedge fund based in New York City (NYC), technology will soon take over the humans in hedge the fund market. Five years ago, in a room full of investment professionals, Siegel anticipated that tech-driven […]





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