Database & Server Solutions

Database & Server Solutions

Server virtualization is the science of running multiple applications on the most optimized hardware resources. As enterprise IT becomes more complex, it becomes more important for virtual servers and machines to optimize systems and resources. Likewise, as over time, data is becoming easy to procure, process and store, latest database technologies are going beyond the traditional RDBMS to create innovative databases, as well as manage them efficiently, without worrying much about scalability or flexibility issues.


We at Zivanta know that smart applications of today are driven by technology; however, top solutions are hosted on the cloud. We take care of all your managed services hosting & server management and ensure that infrastructure security is never compromised with.


With our cutting edge resources and in-house server management experts, we have built capabilities that can accommodate big data, unstructured data as well as specialized cloud services. We provide dedicated as well as shared hosting services, server transition management, infrastructure managed services, noSQL database management enabled by robust mongoDB as well as other custom data management business requirements.

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Data Analytics Solutions

Data Analytics Solutions

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Economic & Financial Consulting

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Social & Public Sector Consulting

How Data Digitization Can Help Real Estate Hedge Fund Managers

Since its invention back in the 1990s, digitization has diffused its way into every conceivable sector of commerce; specially the service industry. In financial services the rise of digital technologies has dramatically changed the manner in which institutions deliver information to their clients.┬áZivanta Analytics has […]





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