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Digital transformation at Zivanta forms the cornerstone of all our digital strategy projects. Primarily we deal with digitizing data from financial institutions and governments in the area of real estate and mortgage.

Our flagship digital transformation project was the data digitization of all collateral data that a hedge fund company gets from its partner banks. The data that was being used for due diligence and other backend processes was manual since there was an enormous time dependency on physical copies of individual collaterals. Another challenge was that such data could not be used for any further assessment during bid pricing.

Zivanta developed process models to download, structure and digitize the data as-is from the banks. One major roadblock was the heterogeneity of the collateral data received from different banks by different forms, which would again differ state wise and county wise. Zivanta developed custom technologies mingled with manual intervention to convert the scanned files into machine readable formats that could later be inserted into database systems.

Post database development, such data could be used for business intelligence and analytics, and handed over to the client as pricing recommendations based on economic, social and demographic factors.

This was a major milestone in the operations of the hedge fund company, which increased productivity by three times, enabling sharp pricing strategies too.

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