Implementation Strategy

Implementation Strategy

Zivanta Analytics is committed to making a positive difference to the world. We explore issues related to society as we consider it our responsibility to improve the conditions in which we, our clients, our families and friends live and do business. The persisting societal issues like lack of access to education, poor economic opportunity, inadequate health care and lack of clean and safe environment are gnawing into our lives. Traditional approaches and business models are proving ineffective in providing a fruitful solution.

Zivanta Analytics to address complex societal issues suggest some viable solutions which necessitate long-term commitments and cross-sectional collaborations. Our focus area includes- a) Education, b) Emerging Market Entry Strategy, c) Social Entrepreneurship and Scaling, and d) Philanthropy and Social Investing.

Zivanta Analytics believes that Primary education in India suffers not only from the inadequate allocation of resources but often enough also from terrible management and organization. Education is widely recognized as a powerful intervention point for addressing many of our systemic social challenges. Zivanta Analytics envisages on improving the learning outcome in children studying in the governmental schools. The intervention proposed by Zivanta encompasses two steps- a) direct intervention and b) indirect intervention. Direct Intervention to be carried on with the help of an im­plementing agency which preferably should be an NGO which has experience in running education related projects. Indirect Intervention will include having computer classes for children, extra classes for the gifted children, and developing a spirit of ownership in the community in general with the help of corporate organization. Organizational and field-level strategies must work in concert through sustained, coordinated effort to bring about a change.

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Technology Innovation for the Bottom of the Pyramid

Perhaps Mr. Franklin D. Roosevelt, the U.S President himself, would not have imagined while coining the term “Bottom of the pyramid”, that the poorest yet largest socio-economic segment would be one of the most lucrative segment for entrepreneurial innovation. The modern strategic mastermind, Dr. C.K […]





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