Our Culture

The Zivanta philosophy is a 4-fold approach:

  • Driven by Knowledge
  • Customer Centric
  • Cutting edge Innovation
  • Community Engagement

While our drive to excel is driven by our thirst for knowledge, we believe customer is king. Hence customer centricity can be achieved not only by passion, but also how much we need to know to address the pain points. While knowledge is key, effective delivery and customer service can only be obtained by questioning the status quo, cultivating a culture of innovation. Can it be done differently? Can it be done better at the same time? Our final pillar is our urge to serve the underserved, thereby serving ourselves. We at Zivanta believe that engaging communities and helping them grow and sustain themselves improves holistic cultural upliftment, thus we find our growth through a bigger cause. If technology can make lives simpler, businesses can transform and connect social groups, Zivanta is proud playing its part.

The 4 pillars of the Zivanta philosophy drive us towards our vision. While they form our foundation, other facets rest on them. We believe customer centricity is a function of employee centricity. By keeping a flat hierarchy and open work culture, we foster employee engagement and welfare so that we feel at home. Zivanta is an equal opportunities employer.

Data Analytics Solutions

Data Analytics Solutions

Economic & Financial Consulting

Economic & Financial Consulting

Technology Solutions

Technology Solutions

Social & Public Sector Consulting

Social & Public Sector Consulting

Technology Innovation for the Bottom of the Pyramid

Perhaps Mr. Franklin D. Roosevelt, the U.S President himself, would not have imagined while coining the term “Bottom of the pyramid”, that the poorest yet largest socio-economic segment would be one of the most lucrative segment for entrepreneurial innovation. The modern strategic mastermind, Dr. C.K […]





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