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  • Monitoring Dashboard

    Tracking of the KPIs of the TCSP Program, Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises, Government of India.

    Client: Ernst & Young

    The Technology Centre Systems Program is a World Bank and Government of India funded programme to upgrade existing Technology Centres and establish 15 new Technology Centres across India with an objective to increase the competitiveness of MSMEs in India. The long term vision of this Programme is to ensure competitiveness of the MSME ecosystem by strengthening further their linkage to the mainstream manufacturing sector in the country. In addition, there is a focus on soft interventions, including enhancing the inclusiveness of TCs with respect to vulnerable groups.

  • Moving on With Education

    Case Study and Progress Report of the Mobile Learning Centre Initiative, M-East Ward, Mumbai

    Client: Save the Children

    Zivanta Analytics helped build the narrative of the progress report and documented the case studies which best highlight the difference which the Mobile Learning Centres are making in the slum locations of Mumbai. The case stories were written to bring out the human side of the project and how it is the only hope in the rather dim alleyways of Mumbai slums where the light of education is yet to make its presence felt. This report finds a place in the select list of publications of Save the Children showcased in its website.
    The link to the report can be found at:

  • Community Counts

    A Collection of Case Studies

    Client: ACC

    – Pain is Real, So is Hope, Humanitarian Response during Chennai Floods, Save the Children, prepared for NOKIA

    – Battling Against the Flow: Flood Relief in Chennai, Save the Children, prepared for DHFL

    – Extending a Helping Hand , Save the Children, START FUND

  • Every Child Safe & Secure

    Child Protection Booklet

    Client: Save the Children

    The brief was to design a visually engaging booklet for various stake holders engaged in child protection activities.. The design team at Zivanta Analytics design team drew each individual character and sketched situations which captured the essence of the accompanying text, created an appealing layout and suggested changes to the text to make it more intuitive. This booklet finds a place amongst the flagship publications showcased in the Save the Children website.
    The link to the booklet can be found at:


  • Ignorance Is Not Bliss

    Booklet on the Anti Retroviral Treatment (ART) Centre

    Client: ACC Ltd

    ACC established a state of the art ART Centre for detection and management of AIDs. This is a flagship facility and gets a lot of visitors. Zivanta Analytics designed and wrote a ten page booklet which introduces the ART facility, the services it provides and how it is making a difference.

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Social & Public Sector Consulting

Herfindahl-Hirschman Index : Using the Regulator’s Tool to Marketers’ Advantage In Title Insurance Industry


HHI (Herfindhal – Hirschman Index) is an accepted measure of market concentration. It approaches zero when a market is occupied by a large number of firms of relatively equal size and reaches 10000 (max) when a market is controlled by a single firm.  E.g. the […]





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