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Our Work

Fundsafe – Startup Funding Marketplace

The startup funding ecosystem is growing by the day. With an ever increasing startup community driven by cutting edge innovation, venture capitalists and angel investors are also pooling in funds. While large platforms exist bringing together both parties, the community needs a platform that will ensure seamless controlling and monitoring of all fund disbursals that happen around. Zivanta has helped build the Fundsafe platform to do just that, and more.

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‘Aman’ – GPS Enabled Mobile App

Women and child safety in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia while travelling by public transport is a concern. Zivanta partnered with the University of Ha’il in collaboration with the Ministry of Exterior, KSA to develop a mobile application targeted at Women, Children and Disabled travelling alone in chauffeur driven cars. The App will enable sending of distress signal when car over-speeds or the occupant faces a situation which endangers personal safety.

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