Social Sector Analytics

Social Sector Analytics

We at Zivanta Analytics help our clients address society’s most urgent challenges. The CSR objectives of our clients to improve the quality of life of the communities that they serve through long-term value creation are carefully studied and analyzed by the Zivanta team. The analysis is done to delve into the amount of corpus proposed and spent by our clients on issues pertaining to their CSR objectives. Data is generated through fieldwork and analyzed using various analytical tools. The results are then presented in the form of structured reports which is used for necessary intervention.

Preparation of dashboards to give a graphical and clear picture is also monitored and duly implemented by the analytical team in Zivanta Analytics. Detailed sectoral analysis using analytical software gives Zivanta an edge over its competitors.

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Herfindahl-Hirschman Index : Using the Regulator’s Tool to Marketers’ Advantage In Title Insurance Industry


HHI (Herfindhal – Hirschman Index) is an accepted measure of market concentration. It approaches zero when a market is occupied by a large number of firms of relatively equal size and reaches 10000 (max) when a market is controlled by a single firm.  E.g. the […]





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