Technology at Zivanta Analytics forms the backbone of any project we deliver, any product we roll out. Our tech stack is spread across 4 major domains:

  • Analytics & Business Intelligence
  • Mobility Solutions
  • LAMP Technologies
  • Database & Server Technologies

Analytics & BI: Business Analytics forms the cornerstone of Zivanta operations. All our reporting, financial & business analysis, data visualizations, dashboards, API and custom interfaces are built using varied analytics tools. These tools help in implementation of mining, evaluation & forecasting metrics which further forms the crux of our client deliverables. Some of the key tools used within this domain are:

  • Tableau
  • R
  • Shiny
  • qGIS
  • Google Analytics
  • Excel & VBA
  • Stata
  • phStat / megaStat

Mobility Solutions: With the advent of mobile devices and data penetration across developed and emerging economies, mobility solutions are prevalent in enterprise and consumer businesses alike. Zivanta offers mobility solutions ranging from smartphone applications to integrated communication systems. The mobile OS and programming architecture powering these applications are:

  • Language: Java
  • Android OS: Android 1.6, Android 2.x, Android 3.x, Android 4
  • IDE: Eclipse 3.5
  • Language: Objective C
  • OS: iOS3, iOS4, & iOS 5
  • IDE: XCode Version 4.0

Web Services Solution Stack (LAMP): All our websites, web interfaces, web services and solutions are developed and hosted using the LAMP architecture. The LAMP stack also runs the rendering of all our BI and analytics dashboards applications on the web. The solution stack comprises of the below:

  • Language: PHP, Objective C, Python
  • Web Server: Apache
  • Open Source Packages: Joomla, osCommerce, Mambo, Drupal, WordPress, Zen Cart
  • Framework: CakePHP

Database & Server Technologies: Zivanta takes pride in using cutting-edge database management solutions as well as server technologies for all its custom frameworks. We are a AWS (Amazon Web Services) partner and we use latest open source NoSQL as well as traditional RDBMS. The technologies behind our technology infrastructure are:

  • MongoDB
  • Postgresql
  • AWS
  • Amazon EC2

Data Analytics Solutions

Data Analytics Solutions

Economic & Financial Consulting

Economic & Financial Consulting

Technology Solutions

Technology Solutions

Social & Public Sector Consulting

Social & Public Sector Consulting

Sports Coaching – in the Digital Era

Change is the law of life. The rapid rise in digital advancement and communication platforms along with the increase in human interactions has changed the face of sports coaching.





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