Web Design & Development

Web Design & Development

Web development life cycle walks through 8 major steps:

  • Project Planning: The starting point is to agree on the target audience which will determine the design, functionality and development approach in the subsequent phases. The resources requirements are carefully assessed in terms of hardware, software, people and data to work out the following deliverables:
    • Work plan
    • Estimating cost
    • Team requirements (No of developers, designers, QA, DBA etc)
    • Hardware-software requirements
    • Supporting documents and
    • Final client approval to go ahead with the project
  • System Requirement Analysis: It is time to get the ideas flowing. The project goals are cast into defined functions and operations through intensive discussion between us and the client.
  • Information Architect: The content and design team takes over and in discussion with the client fix the content silos, navigation, info graphics, metadata and related items. The design philosophy is pegged at this stage. All of relevant variables are taken into account such as the type of data the visitor will look for once they visit, what actions they will take, page type and the contents that goes in those section, SEO requirements and other similar elements which go into defining the right user experience.
  • Designing Phase: It is time to get the ideas onto paper. The design team works on a number of prototype designs based on the specification. This is an iterative phase till a final mock up design is developed.
  • Coding/Development Phase: Once the design has been approved by the client, the developer takes over. For us the design is sacrosanct and code follows the design and not the other way round. This calls for the developer to understand the philosophy, design, navigation and functionality of the site.
  • Testing Phase: Development done, the product is handed over to the testing team who run a battery of checks through industry standard test environment and tools. The testing team ensures that the website is working as per specification agreed upon. Multi browser and Multi Device compatibility is also checked for better user experience.
  •  Acceptance and Deployment: After final approval from client we move the application from our sandbox server to the live server (client’s server). Standard testing and compatibility is check so that there are no rude surprises. We ensure that the deployed site functions flawlessly as intended.
  • Maintenance: We remain committed to a long standing relationship with the client and provide for after sales and maintenance functions on demand. Any upgrades are also provided as per terms negotiated.

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