The job specifically requires converting data into information. Zivanta Analytics typically has clients from two domains (i) Financial Sector and (ii) Development Sector.

The candidate should be able to analyse qualitative and quantitative data  which comes in typically from service statistics ( financial services company) or field survey (development sector projects).

The candidate in conjunction with the domain expert(s) should be able to clean and format the data, generate key statistics , present the data and write lucidly on what the data conveys. Strong statistical and writing skills are critical.

People who enjoy working with new ideas , generating evidence for them and conveying validated ideas  to a larger audience will be a good fit. Experience in developing research and analysis methodologies will be a significant advantage.

Role: Analyst

Experience: 2-5 Years

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Data Analytics Solutions

Data Analytics Solutions

Economic & Financial Consulting

Economic & Financial Consulting

Technology Solutions

Technology Solutions

Social & Public Sector Consulting

Social & Public Sector Consulting

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