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We are looking for a talented individual in the area of analytics. This is a senior level opening and requires people management capabilities. The ideal individual should have more than 4 years experience in analytic with a strong statistics or quantitative background. Engineering graduates with a sharp business acumen capable of developing quantitative models to churn out business insights are preferable. Technical skills include:

  • Should possess a strong knowledge of R built in the Shiny platform.
  • Must possess over 2 years experience in Tableau, Qlikview or any of the Data Visualization tools.
  • Should be hands-on in churning out creme from large unstructured datasets.
  • Able to develop and manage delivery of large consulting projects in the domain of data analytics.
  • Product or consulting background¬†preferred.
  • Must have a quantitative or programming background, be able to work closely with the technical team.
  • Knowledge of SQL or any RDBMS mandatory.

To apply, please fill up the below form and upload your CV in word or pdf format.

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Role: Manager - Business Analytics

Experience: 5 years

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Data Analytics Solutions

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